Division A   Handicaps

Alan Bruce 20 :  Robert Bell 18 : John Owen 2 : Bill Strachan 7 : Dan Walker 20

Matches will be played off a base of 8. For example, when Robert plays Dan, Robert gets 10 bisques and Dan gets 12 bisques.

Division B   Handicaps

David Garwood 24 : Gordon Hendry 22 :  Kate Mason 28 : Tom Mason 28 : John Usher 24

Matches will be played off a base of 10. For example, when David plays Gordon, David gets 14 bisques and Gordon gets 12 bisques.


Matches will be played on a full lawn : 26 points : 3 hours long

Time yourselves. After time has been called the person not playing has one final turn but any remaining bisques may not be used. If matches are doubled banked add quarter of an hour to playing time. At the moment you have the lawn to yourselves but this may change if there are rearranged matches .

Referee yourselves-but seek advice if another “experienced” player happens to be around!

The winner is the person who scores 26 points first. Failing this it is the person who gets most hoops. If both players have scored the same number of hoops when their turns are completed, you play for a “Golden Hoop” i.e. continue playing until the first person gets a hoop and they are the winner.  No bisques during “Golden Hoop” play.

In full lawn with regards to “wiring” you must be able to play another ball unlike in short croquet where you must be able to play your own ball.

Division winners will be decided by 1 Most wins  2  Gross hoops run  3 Who beat Who


The match schedule is based on your stated availability. It is fully realised that this will be subject to change so could you please adopt the following procedures if you need to change the timing.

If you cannot play at the time allocated contact your “opponent” and rearrange  a mutually convenient time. You will note that there are many “free” slots  in June, July, August and September  to cope with this situation. If there is only one match on the  full lawn at Albury you can double up and use alternate balls and remember Albury is available on any day or any time  so finding a mutually convenient time should be possible.  However please try to avoid double banking and if playing before a Club session please allow 3hrs 30mins for your match.

If matches have to be rearranged they must be completed by September 14th  or  they will not  count.

Fixtures will go on to the web site and the site will be used to “manage” the competition. Please let Robert know  the date of rearranged matches and results( i.e. winner, hoops of both players and if won within the three hours the time taken in the unlikely event that this is ever needed to separate players at the final count!).

All those in the competition must use the  SCA official handicap card. If you do not have one Bill Strachan can give you one. Place your Index number and handicap on the card and record results. This is important as it may lead to changes in your handicap as the season progresses. If your handicap changes please let Robert know, and your next opponent!

Please contact Bill Strachan about access to Albury and croquet equipment if uncertain about gaining entry.