Sandy’s Cup winners 2015

20 May Brian Butler

20 May Brian Butler

David Garwood-27-May

27 May David Garwood

David and Sandy-3-6-15

3 June Joint winners, Sandy Rennie and David Garwood (note how the cup has miraculously been cloned!)

Lizetta Garwood-17 June

17 June Lizetta Garwood (whatever David can do . . . )

1 July  Fresh from a Holiday cruise and daughter's wedding, Zoshia Colling (but what's happened to the cup?!)

1 July Zosia Colling (but what’s happened to the cup?!)

Bill Strachan-8-Jul

8 July Bill Strachan (what’s happening to that cup?)


22 July Karen Southworth beating 10 others on the day.


29 July Meg Strachan, winner with another good turnout of 11 players.


5 August Chris Southworth balancing the trophy on the new mallet

dave colling12-8

12 August Dave Colling

bill strachan2

23 August Bill Strachan