The ACCC Committee have agreed that there will be three leagues. Divisions A and B, based on current handicaps (see below) which will be formally structured, and Division C which will be open to all other Club members as a competition which will be a more informal event (see  below).

Division A

Robert Bell (18), Brian Clark (12), Charles Henderson (14), Malcolm Robertson (18), Simon Robins (14) and Bill Strachan (14)

Division B

Allan Bruce (20), Gordon Hendry (22), Elaine Mather (20), Chris Southworth (20) and Dan Walker (20).

All Division A & B Singles will be played on the full lawn at Albury. Matches will be for three hours and played off a base of 10. As an example this means that when a 20 handicap player plays a 22  handicap player the two players receive 10 and 12 bisques, respectively. SCA handicap cards MUST be filled in after each match so handicaps can be adjusted, when necessary, prior to the next match. This year the winner will be the player who wins their league  i.e. no Finals day is planned between winners and runners up.

Division C

At the moment 5 people have expressed an interest in playing in these more “informal”  croquet association format matches. These are Jennifer Sherlock, Jane Drury, David Garwood, John Usher and Pauline Potts. If others are interested and you turn up at Crathes on Club days, (or Albury by arrangement as you can play there on any day of the week except Wednesday afternoons) and two of you would like to “have a go” and play each other go for it!

Normally however it would be better to find an “opponent” and agree a time and venue. This can be either at Albury or Crathes. Matches will be 14 points and played on a short lawn for 1 1/4 hours but if you and your “opponent” agree you can play for longer. All players in Division C will have 10 bisques i e 10 extra turns which will allow you to play all 3 balls again.

To qualify to win Division C you should play 4 matches throughout the year. For those who play more than 4 matches the same rules as to winners that Charles has circulated for the Doubles will apply. It is hoped that more experienced players can be on hand to provide advice, and explain rules, in an even handed way, but presence cannot always be guaranteed

Please send your results to Simon Robins as web master and Robert Bell as Secretary.

This is an experiment at the request of ACCC members. Let us see how it works out as the season gets under way, take stock and if necessary adjust things based on your thoughts as this is your competition!