Although the main objective for this competition is for as many members as possible take part, get involved in competition play and have fun, we do need to have rules and these are as follows :

  1. Matches will be 1.5 hours on Half Lawns.  We expect to start at 10.30 am and finish by say 4 pm.  It that is too long for some just let me know.
  2. Matches will be 14 points
  3. Each pairing will comprise a lower handicap player (largely 18 or under) : these “ senior” players are Brian Clark, Charles Henderson, Simon Robins, Bill Strachan, Robert Bell, and Malcolm Robertson, together with a higher handicap player. If necessary, middle handicap players will assume the role of “ senior” player.
  4. The “senior “ player will have no bisques. The higher handicap player will have the appropriate number of bisques for a 14 point match on a half lawn.
  5. The objective is for no one to play with the same partner more than once.
  6. Players will play alternate shots (note : not alternate turns)
  7. Each match will have a referee who will be the lowest handicap player in the game. If 2 players have the same handicap they will toss a coin to decide who is referee.
  8. Your best 4 Results (out of a maximum of 6 Matches) will count, 1 point for each win (both players in the winning pairing get 1 point). The WINNERS of the Competition will be the 2 players with most wins.  In the event of more than 2 players being leaders then the number of hoops will decide.
  9. We will “double up“ and have 2 Matches on one lawn, if necessary.  If we get so many entries that one venue is not capable of handling the number, we will consider using both our venues. What a pleasant thought!