Results for each session are given below and a ranking table can be viewed here.

In the first session of the Doubles Competition held on Sunday 17 May at Crathes the results were:

Elaine Mather & Dave Colling  0                Charles Henderson & Gordon Hendry 8

Robert Bell & John Usher 7                        Malcolm Robertson & Jane Drury 5

Charles Henderson & Gordon Hendry 11   Robert Bell & John Usher 5

Malcolm Robertson & Jane Drury 4            Elaine Mather & Dave Colling 3

The second session of Doubles held at Albury on Sunday 21st June was mostly played in heavy rain but produced the following results:

Bill Strachan and Jocelyn Young              4    Allan Bruce and Gordon Hendry 3

Malcolm Robertson and David Garwood 6    Charles Henderson and Tom Mason 3

Simon Robins and Jane Drury                  8     Robert Bell and Gabrielle Young 8

Malcolm Robertson and David Garwood 10   Bill Strachan and Kate Mason    8

Elaine Mather and Gordon Hendry            7   Simon Robins and Jane Drury     5

Charles Henderson and Tom Mason        12  Robert Bell and Mary Robertson 8

Results for the third session played at Crathes on Saturday 18 July:

Malcolm Robertson and Jen Sherlock  10    Robert Bell and Gordon Hendry   4
Charles Henderson and Elaine Mather  4    Dan Walker and Mary Robertson 5

Malcolm Robertson and Jen Sherlock 8        Dan Walker (on his own)  7  Golden Hoop win
Charles Henderson and Elaine Mather  14   Robert Bell and Gordon Hendry 2

Results for the session held at Crathes on Sunday 6 September:
Malcolm Robertson and Tom Mason      6  Gordon Hendry and John Usher 3
Charles Henderson and Jane Drury     7   Malcolm Robertson and Tom Mason 4

John Usher and Kate Mason            7   Gordon Hendry and Pauline Potts   6
Malcolm Robertson and Jane Drury     7   Charles Henderson and Kate Mason  3

Results for the final session held at Albury on Sunday 11 October:
Charles Henderson and David Garwood   8  Malcolm Robertson and Gordon Hendry  4
Robert Bell and Tom Mason    12   Charles Henderson and David Garwood  5

Bill Strachan and Mary Robertson   12   Malcolm Robertson and Gordon Hendry 4
Robert Bell and Tom Mason   10   Brian Clark and Kate Mason 8