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John Owen runner-up again

Middle Bisquers, Knightswood 9th-10th June 2018

12 players entered with handicaps ranging from 3 to 16. Format was 2 seeded blocks, 26pt, 2.30mins, Advanced Rules, no bisques. Block winners to play in final, ties to be decided on gross hoops then net hoops.
Play started in warm sunny conditions on much improved lawns, until mid afternoon when thunder, lighting, hail and torrential rain brought play to a halt, with the lawns eventually flooding. Play was abandoned and games pegged down, not an easy process in heavy rain and waterlogged lawns.
Pegged down games were completed on Sunday morning followed by rounds 4 and 5. Block A deciding game saw John Owen beat David Houston. Block B had the scenario of a 3 way tie but Alistair Malcolm won his last match against Bill Strachan to remain unbeaten.


John Owen 5wins David Houston 21-10 : RS Robertson 12-9 : Joe Lennon 26-4
Jamieson Walker 26-2 : George Plant 22-14
David Houston 4wins RS Robertson 15-11 : Joe Lennon 11-8 : Jamieson Walker 14-13
George Plant 9-2
RS Robertson 3wins Joe Lennon 22-20 : Jamieson Walker 23-22 : George Plant 21-13

George Plant 1win Jamieson Walker 26-2

Joe Lennon 1win George Plant 13-12

Jamieson Walker 1win Joe Lennon 21-17


Alistair Malcolm 5wins Bill Strachan 18-14 : Lorna Dewar 23-7 : Jola Jurasinka 26-3
Hamish Duguid 17-13 : Kevin Wright 19-1
Lorna Dewar 4wins Bill Strachan 19-10 : Jola Jurasinka 26-4 : Hamish Duguid 19-7
Kevin Wright 12-3
Bill Strachan 3wins Jola Jurasinka 23-19 : Hamish Duguid 26-1 : Kevin Wright 12-7

Kevin Wright 2wins Jola Jurasinka13-12 : Hamish Duguid 8-6

Hamish Duguid 1win Jola Jurasinka 14-11

Jola Jurasinka 0win

FINAL Alistair Malcolm bt John Owen 16-13

Time restrictions forced the final to be reduced to 18pt, 2hr, all clips on hoop 5. John hit in first, his approach to hoop 1 left an angled hoop run which he made, only to be told that hoop 5 was the first hoop. Alistair then made good progress with both balls to 4 back. John then made a good break to 4 back with black, Alistair missed his lift turn. John then took blue to peg in his next turn leaving a rush to yellow. At this point scores were level with yellow on penult and red on rover. Alistair again missed his lift turn, but John attempting a long rush across the lawn completely mishit black and ended up close to yellow. Alistair hit in ran penult, rover and pegged out yellow, John missed his roquet attempt and Alistair won by 3 hoops.

Thanks to Hamish as manager and referee, Janice as his assistant on Sunday, Joe and others for setting up and dismantling the lawns and Glasgow Club for hosting the event and providing refreshments.

NTS Regional Staff Croquet Evening

We were approached by Susan Towns with a request to organise a Team Building evening involving croquet on the lawn at Crathes. 4 teams of 2 players each, played a round robin competition of golf croquet with team *Odd Job” ending up the eventual winners. Thanks to Robert and Malcolm for looking after everyone, although they were rewarded with “Pimms” and refreshments during the evening and for the donation to club funds by the NTS Regional staff members.


Visitor from Toronto NSW Australia

Only 3 weeks ago we entertained Pamela Barnwell from Newcastle NSW Australia to Crathes. Last Thursday it was Marilyn Turner from Toronto NSW and her 2 cousins from Aberdeen who graced the Crathes lawn. Thanks to Robert for looking after them during their GC session, with the possibility of 2 new members, her cousins.

Golden Games Croquet

Once again we agreed to host a croquet session for the Golden Games on Tuesday 12 June at Albury Sports Centre. 20 people signed up for the 2 sessions with a few returning from previous years. After some basic coaching they enjoyed a game of Golf Croquet, with several showing interest in returning for a club session. Thanks to Brian B, David G and Judy for helping out on the day.

Spring Golf Croquet Festival

Fourteen members competed for The Sandy Rennie Trophy on Sunday 27th May at Albury Sports Centre. Played in glorious sunshine all day no fewer than 25 GC doubles matches were completed. After the morning session John Owen and Brian Butler were clear leaders. A redraw for the afternoon saw Brian paired with the current holder David Garwood which effectively killed any chance of David retaining his title. John Owen’s hopes received a setback when he lost to Brian and David and were eventually dashed when he lost to a jubilant Sandy and Zosia. After 5 hrs of croquet having won 7 and drawn 1 the clear winner was Brian Butler, who not only received the Trophy, a bottle of Procecco (which he donated for the winner) but also a box of chocolates.
Thanks to Brian Butler for providing the refreshments and winner’s prize, Sandy for presenting the Trophy and everyone for helping set-up the lawns, erecting the club gazebo and tiding up.

Bill Strachan also took this opportunity to present Margaret Aitchison (our far country member from Dingwall) with The Alex Burns Trophy for winning Division B singles last year.

Visitors from Newcastle

Club Captain, Bill Strachan, received an email from Pamela Barnwell asking if she and her husband Derek, from Newcastle, could arrange a game of GC when they visited Scotland sometime in May. Bill replied that the Club would be delighted to arrange a game at Crathes Castle and awaited her reply. Imagine the surprise when it transpired that the Newcastle was actually in NEW SOUTH WALES AUSTRALIA. The game has now taken place in glorious sunshine with Crathes Castle looking its best. We wish both our visitors all the best on their continuing travels.

Balgreen Handicap Alternate Stroke Doubles

On Sunday 13th May, Bill Strachan and John Surgenor were defending their win at Balgreen last year. With 8 pairs competing the format was 22pt, all clips on hoop 3, 2hr 30min duration and a straight knockout draw with losers playing consolidation matches. This gave all couples 3 matches over the day. Conceding 13 bisques against Kevin and Michele Wright, we struggled early on but came good to win 13/10. The semi-final against Charlotte Townsend and Rodger Binks (31/2 bisques) looked all over with both their clips on penultimate and we had just ran one hoop. Croquet is a strange game and slowly but surely we progressed and eventually had a clip on rover and 3 back when time was called. Bill hit in and we ran 3 back and 4 back to win by one hoop 17/16. John then received a call that his mother was critically ill and understandably had to head home. After much discussion it was decided that a final had to take place but Jola and Jamieson pointed out that technically they were the winners. Bill then choose Charlotte as his substitute partner and the final commenced. Jola and Jamieson appeared to have little enthusiasm and even with 4 bisques never posed a threat and Bill and Charlotte ran out comfortable winners 17/10. Hamish as tournament manager then displayed the wisdom of Solomon and declared 3 winners, Bill, Jola and Jamieson each receiving a bottle of wine for their efforts.
Thanks again to Hamish for organising the event and providing refreshments and biscuits during the day

Balgreen One Ball Handicap Tournament

Bill Strachan entered the opening croquet event for 2018 season, the Balgreen Spring One Ball Handicap Tournament. Played at Balgreen Croquet Club Edinburgh on half lawns in very Spring like weather with 17 entries. After the initial open draw, the following matches were decided on your winning percentage. Things were looking good for Bill as he remained unbeaten after 5 matches but several players were on 4 wins and 1 loss. The next round saw Bill suffer his first defeat to Chris Martin but recovered to win his following game and with Chris also winning both were tied on 6 wins 1 loss. A centre peg shoot-out was the normal deciding finish but with adequate time left a re.match was agreed to entertain the players who had stayed on. This time Bill used his 2 and a half bisques to great effect and ran out a comfortable winner.
Thanks again to Balgreen for hosting the event and Hamish for organising and providing refreshments throughout the day.

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