August 2020 Update

Its good to see so many of our members coming out to play again. The recent good weather and the easing of the Covid 19 lockdown restrictions has attracted players back to the lawn at Albury. The lawn is in great condition.

With over 30 sessions a week, including evenings, members can enjoy the game, whilst complying with the Government guidelines. At present,  a maximum of 4 players will be able to play in each session.

Crathes is now open for Golf Croquet on Thursdays from 5.00pm. Please book on the website, as usual. If members wish to have an Association Croquet session on Thursdays afternoons from 2.00pm, they should contact Bill Strachan at

Aberdeen and Crathes Croquet Club, originally called Crathes Croquet Club when it joined the Scottish Croquet Association (SCA) in 2014, is dedicated to promoting BOTH Association and Golf Croquet. We play on the picturesque lawn at Crathes Castle, Banchory, courtesy of the National Trust for Scotland, and at the Albury Outdoor Sports Centre, Ferryhill, Aberdeen, courtesy of Sport Aberdeen and Albury Outdoor Sports Centre. Thanks to both for their continuing support in 202

Club membership stands at 32 men and women of all ages. Our Club Coach, Bill Strachan assisted by John Owen, can offer a coaching programme to cater for both the competitive and social player.

ACCC is strongly committed to the development of both Association and Golf Croquet in the North East of Scotland.

New Members are always welcome. Croquet offers an interesting outdoor activity  in the Summer months. It is a game of skill and strategy, angles, tactics and guile. The handicap system allows people to play successfully at all levels. Want to have  a taster session? Contact Bill at

Croquet is played in 28 countries around the world. The Association Croquet World Championship was held in Victoria, Australia in February.  The 2020 Champion is Reg Bamford from South Africa. This is his 5th world title, having first won in 2001.

The 2019 Golf Croquet World Champion is Ben Rothman from the USA