Its great to see more and more of our members back playing croquet now that the Pandemic rules have been relaxed.

Our first Golf Croquet Tournament takes place on Sunday the 19th of June at Albury. Bill sent an email to all members on the 25th of May with all the rules and regulations. As a strong entry is anticipated, please inform Bill by the 16th of June if you would like to take part.

The Association Croquet League competing for the Bob Burnet Cup.

John Owen (Handicap 1),  Derek Knight (1),  Bill Strachan (9) and Robert Bell (16). All players will play each other twice. The results so far:

John Owen  V   Bill Strachan      26  –  19    

John Owen  V   Derek Knight     26  –  20

John Owen V Robert Bell           26  –  12

As always, new members whether they are beginners or have already played the game are welcome. Please contact our Club Captain, Bill Strachan, at bill.strachan46@gmail.com or 01224 572365 or mob. 07986 527715

2021 was a  difficult year with the pandemic affecting all aspects of the Club activities.  The 2022 season has started well with new and old members enjoying this wonderful game.

The Club held The  Annual Aberdeen Association Croquet Tournament at Albury, on the weekend 11/12 September 2021.  For the first time, the tournament was won by a local player.  John Owen, who continued his recent good form by winning 5 of his 6 matches. Overall the weekend was enjoyed by all the competitors and it is hoped that next year we will welcome back many more friends who were prevented from taking part by Covid 19.


The Spring Golf Croquet Tournament  was held on Sunday 19th June at Albury. In a closely fought contest John Owen was the overall winner. There is a full report on our Facebook page.

Aberdeen and Crathes Croquet Club, originally called Crathes Croquet Club when it joined the Scottish Croquet Association (SCA) in 2014, is dedicated to promoting BOTH Association and Golf Croquet. We play on the picturesque lawn at Crathes Castle, Banchory, courtesy of the National Trust for Scotland, and at the Albury Outdoor Sports Centre, Ferryhill, Aberdeen, courtesy of Sport Aberdeen and Albury Outdoor Sports Centre. Thanks to both for their continuing support in 2021.

Club membership stands at 32 men and women of all ages. Our Club Coach, Bill Strachan assisted by John Owen, can offer a coaching programme to cater for both the competitive and social player.

ACCC is strongly committed to the development of both Association and Golf Croquet in the North East of Scotland.

New Members are always welcome. Croquet offers an interesting and fun outdoor activity from March to October. It is a game of skill and strategy, angles, tactics and guile. The handicap system allows people to play successfully at all levels. Want to have  a taster session? Contact Bill at bill.strachan46@gmail.com, 01224 572365 or 07986 527715

Croquet is played in 28 countries around the world. The Association Croquet World Championship was held in Victoria, Australia in February.  The current Champion is Reg Bamford from South Africa. This is his 5th world title, having first won in 2001.

The 2019 Golf Croquet World Champion is Ben Rothman from the USA